Saturday, December 29, 2012


The Gang rape of a 23 year old girl, the torture and the trauma that she suffered had awakened the whole nation out of slumber. The protests were unprecedented and people from all walks were a part of it. Today SHE died an untimely death. May her soul, rest in peace.
It is important that this incidence of rape should open up discussions to inherent, underlying and systemic violence against its Women.
What about the so many rapes of the villages that go unreported?
What about the rapes by army men who after such a heinous crime move around with impunity?
What about the inequality that a girl faces the moment she is in a mothers’ womb…female foeticide.
What about the differences in bringing up of a boy and a girl child?
What about the marital rapes?
What about the domestic violence?
What about using the body of a female for settling personal scores?
What about Women being paraded naked?
What about so many politicians who have rape cases against them but still are members of legislative assemblies and parliament? Who has given them the right to be our representatives?
Why does family honour and family pride begin and end with a woman?
What about the so many eve teasing cases on a day to day basis…everywhere?
Why have we objectified our women?
There are so many WHYs and so many WHATs…. But answer is something that we need to find by questioning this patriarchal society, the mindset, that perpetuates this dominance over women and treats them as inferior beings.???????


  1. here again the onus lies on the woman ... to upbring her son and change the face of the society in a truly dignified way,to teach her son at home to respect his mother and love his sister ,and believe me if it is done with true intentions...the rest they say will be women please get up and take up the new assignment!

    1. Hmm... that is absolutely one of the important aspects that can change a lot. Assignmnt has to be done by one and all for women emancipation.

  2. Several questions you raised are true to its core...!!
    But the problem is there cannot be a definite solution to any of the question you posed.Rapists dont feel scared because they are sure about living a comfortable life in jail.So only laws cannot stop them but also the level of punishment must be changed.
    And pity for those who raise their voice against death penalty.Those men who can commit such a henious crime do not deserve anything less than death and that too a painful one.
    Saying this, only law cannot change everything.Because the recent delhi minor rape incident proved that after passing a strict law in the assembly we are unable to stop such crime.
    Mindset about girls from the very beginning has to be changed.Otherwise these incidents will keep on happening and only candle march wont be able to stop this incidents.
    But still we can hope for a better tomorrow..!!

    1. You are right. Laws are obviously going to deter these crimes to a large extent. Also it is very important that we raise our sons and daughters in a way that broadens their horizon and vision and thy learn not to discriminate against each other.
      Things have to change for the better obviously but these changes are vry slow. We all have to srive towards that end, everyon of us.!