Thursday, December 6, 2018


In the land far away 
Tucked in the corners of my dream
I wonder if there is peace
That will dawn upon me

Broken into pieces 
Shattered and tattered
Is there a soul
To piece it together

Why is heart so weak
Love so elusive?
Fragile and delicate
No one around to placate

In the land far away
Let me be surprised
By someone who truly cares
Someone who shares
Are such people rare?

Trust is difficult
Promises easy to break
Don't let my memories last
Painful, excruciating
Make me forget the past

Love here is lop-sided
Tears have dried inside
In the land far away
Let me be surprised
By someone to confide

Is better to be alone
No one to pity - my plight!
Still I hope that;
There is hope alive
And dreams can take flight
In the land far away...

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Posted for Midweek Motif 'Surprise' @ POETS UNITED

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  1. Love this one with a beautiful rhyme. Pleasant surprises make our life worth living. There's surely that land where lives this 'someone. Beautiful.

    1. Yes, we all dream of a perfect land and a perfect someone! But we need to find beauty in imperfection! Thanks for stopping by... :)

  2. I found you! Maybe I just have a very slow reception tonight! AS I was reading this, I kept hearing it as the voice of earth to us. By the end, I knew it had to do with connection among people, May we be surprised, far away or here, by new experiences of love, kindness, caring. There is hope. And, I've learned the joys of occasionally, for awhile, being alone. Then when I go back out there, I am also able to act from love. I, too, like the rhyme here, as it helps to gentle the disappointment and lift up the hope you portray.

    1. The interpretation is up to us. That is the beauty of a poem, prose or literature...
      Yes being alone for contemplation is also important. There is a difference in being alone (enjoying your own company) vs feeling lonely.
      True - if we desire unconditional love, we should be ready to give that kind of love as well.
      Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  3. Let me be surprised
    By someone who truly cares... maybe that exists, maybe it is all about our own expectations!

    1. You are right - it is all about our expectations! But we need to fulfill reasonable expectations for others as well :)

    2. Our expectations can certainly color the outcome!

    3. You are right and that's what makes us Human!

  4. I am reading your work for the first time and i am happily surprised

    Thanks for dropping by my blog


  5. Such people are rare but not difficult to find 😊 a most exquisite write 💖

  6. I can assure you: hold onto those dreams, for love will come. It is nice to meet you through Poets United.

  7. How beautifully this read Kislaya, I am sure your dreams will take flight one day soon. It is good to see you on this blog site.