Sunday, December 2, 2018


Last time he saw her
He lost track of time
Falling head over heels
Every time

Unfazed, Unloved
His emotions were rampant
She never paid heed
He could only lament

He tried in vain
Without any luck!
For this fair lady,
He was a speck of dust

This time he saw her
Towards him she rushed
Yearning for him
She smiled and blushed

He nodded and realized 
What a fool he had been
So mean she had been
And; without any remorse
He left the scene

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  1. Oh no... I have a feeling that she missed the opportunity... being mean will never solve anything.

    1. Yes it is important to respect one's feeling and understand the value of a person! Sometimes it is too little, to late...

  2. "Why!?" I had to type it because I actually squealed it aloud. I wonder if he would have discovered something wondrous had he stayed to explore the new happenings... Then again, only he knows what her former behavior did to him.

    What an ending.

    1. I know! But life is not fair and sometimes we get only one chance... She lost the opportunity once, and when he left she understood how much he adored her. It was quite possible that by giving her a chance, he would not be left with any self respect! To fall in one's own eye is not love, but degradation...

  3. So he took his revenge by not returning her affection. One part says rightly served, other says may be he should have engaged. People change. No point in holding grudge.

    1. May be its not revenge but Karma! Life is not the same, people change but so do situations. She might have changed but he might have been in a different situation altogether...

  4. Nice poem! And good comeback.

    Seema - Artist & Writer
    Lonely Canopy

  5. I'm glad he left... He deserves so much better..