Sunday, December 9, 2018


I live in busy area of the city! Everything is a stone throw's away, be it a street vendor with his cart,  mom and pop store, supermarket, retail shops for
mobiles, accessories, garments etc, eateries and restaurants or sacred spaces like temples, churches or mosques. All coexist together making it a unique combination of diversity.

Sound, scenery and people are hard not to notice when you are out for a walk or a ride. I also walk to the park which is 1 kilometer from my house. I prefer evening walks. Though it is December, temperature is moderate; during day its mostly hot and by nightfall the weather turns pleasant. Sometimes it is humid due to preceding drizzle. (Chill of winter is not known to residents of the city!)

Commotion and cacophony -
has its own melody
The cars whiz, scooters 
ziz zag, cyclists roll 
What a Serendipity!

Blaring honks, pe pe, tring tring
Reverberate in my ears
Though the gas emitted  
Brings me to tears 

Worried mothers with their 
babies, weeping incessantly
Some kids in adjacent ground
happy noises, playing pleasantly

Flowers of all hue and color
Men, passer-by ask for price
Shrill voice of vegetable vendor
I am taken by surprise

Friends meeting in restaurants
Laughter echos 
Eager waiters taking orders
Roadside pan sizzles

Old uncles do Pranayam
Sitting on the park bench
Hissing through nose;
While in my sweat I drench

Ladies having loud conversations
While adjusting their hair
Some lovers in deep corners, their 
Whispers mixing with humid air

A homeless man snores i
Other corner of the park;
Outside fence, pet dog strolls with its
Owner, street dogs start to bark

After ten rounds I sit
on a nearby empty seat
Leaves rustletrees sway gently 
Lone dry leaf falls at my feet

A distant crow caws 
Dusk mingles into night 
Watchmen blows his whistle
Turns off the park lights

Its time for us to leave
I discern vigorous deep breaths
Heading back, I hear 
Rhythmic foot-steps 

Slowly crowd disperse
All around; crickets chirp  
Listen carefully - Silence of the
Night can also be heard...

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  1. Very apt and nicely written poem in response to blogadda prompt. Easy to read and soothing to soul.

  2. Lovely poem. You have captured the sounds and feel so well.

  3. All the sounds have been well explained along with sights. Great read...

  4. Nicely written poem, which brings all the sounds in front of our eyes

  5. That's a nice take, and that too rhyming sounds are fun to read. rhythmic footsteps, pranayam, hissing all you have written beautifully. can visualize the walk perfectly.

    1. Rhymes are my personal favorite in poem. Glad you enjoyed and could visualize the walk on the basis of sounds :)

  6. I do enjoy reading a poem which evokes the auditory images. This brings the scene to life.

  7. Gorgeously written! You bring the scene to life with your use of vivid images and eloquence 💞

    1. Thanks Sanaa:) I am humbled to know that the poem could bring to life each scene.

  8. All the sounds with which I am not familiar is expounded. This makes me glad I live in the country where it is peaceful. So noisy! I find the bolded words distracting as I read.

    1. Haha...But that's the beauty of this place...You tend to find a harmony in the chaos, awe in mess!
      You find peace if you seek it:)

  9. What a people watchers paradise. A symphony of sound and emotions. You really captured it all!

    1. I did make an effort to capture it all. Thanks for appreciating Colleen!

  10. Footsteps following, the night has become quiet, best duck into a safe place. Nice writing, really nice fitting those words in.

    1. no what I mean is that it is all the people leaving together from the park which creates rhythmic footsteps..
      Thanks for dropping by Jim.

  11. The cacophony of this piece was wonderful. What a joy to read... :-). Thank you for sharing this Kislaya...!

    1. Thanks Rob! I am humbled by your kind words for this poem :)

  12. Replies
    1. There is a story in every scene, music in every sound! We just need to be keen observer as a writer. Glad you like it!

  13. Fresh and invigorating write KIslaya - I enjoyed it very much...

  14. Love how you go from those intense sounds to the gentle one at night...

    1. Yes that is the beauty of day and night! Invigorating and energetic in morning and afternoon, restful at night! Thanks for reading :)

  15. Nothing like this exist, in any Canadian city that I visit or lived in. Would be nice, for a short visit of a week or so, but don't think that I live the rest of my life here. Just too must noise, which you describe so vibrantly to the reader. Guess, you would find my part of Toronto, as boring and dull, which I can accept with welcoming arms.

    1. Hi Therisa, thanks for stopping by and reading!
      We all tend to fall in love with the beauty of the place that we live in...
      I have been to Toronto and Niagara falls and that place is wonderful. To be frank I did not find it dull and boring...the place has just a different chemistry :)

  16. I liked the thought of the audible silence at the end.

  17. i love the diversity and harmony you weave with such eloquence, a place i have traveled to in your words.

    1. I am happy that you could travel to this place through my words! Thanks Gina :)

  18. Appreciate the sounds and melodies in your part of the world. I don't miss the commotion and traffic though of the big city.

    1. We all love different things and that is what makes us human!!
      Thanks Grace for dropping by!

  19. I agree with the Frank, the popping wonderful vibrant rack and roll cacophony offered against the wound of the still and beautiful quiet. The quiet overpowers the noise in equal measure when juxtaposed in such spare efficient antithesis. Makes both sides of the poem so satisfying. I love all the little stories you show, and then the simple singing of the crickets. Pure artistry!