Sunday, March 31, 2013


It’s oft and oft said
there’s an abominable lull
before a Mighty upsurge,
The fathomless sea and the clear blue sky
that goes unseen by the passers-by
it speaks of itself -
in a language, spiteful to all listeners

The Blistering volcanoes
with sizzling lava
to melt away the human era

The catastrophic Earthquake
with boulders raking
to shake away the human making

The devastating Flood
with splashes of water
to ruin its creature, their lives shattered

And who can forget the inevitable Tsunami?
The tragic mishappening
that shan’t have occurred
which flushed away
The human culture
flora, fauna, food and shelter
that floated forever
to an unseen world
deep beneath the ocean bed
and, paved way for history to tread

This rampant nature
does have mercy on its creature;
But when its stress becomes unsavory
its powers and potentials beyond reproach
hitherto stays an allegory
of inevitable destruction, purely.

And this my notion; surely
that oft and oft in the silent night
there is a fright of the unbridled might
giving insight into the plight;
A short-lived delight
A low stooped flight
reminding over and over of -
A fight: that never was won
A Life: that never was fun
A death: that never was done
but, a race that was always run

Sometimes fate plays it all
and runs it well
where humans and their resources
have no place to dwell.

It seems that the plush life
in the shadow of this trauma
is all in vain
going into a drain

This abhorrent trouble
that doubles and trebles
if not tackled
when civilization is strong and stable
will deter us from the spirit
to live and breathe -
bestowing fearful thoughts
snatching the right to think BIG

And oft and oft in the Silent Night
there is a hope that still’s alive

Life is a wonder
cheers to Big thinking,
Unlike spartan grinning
let us raise a toast -
to hearty roar and humorous laughter
paving way for a twinkling future

Let us not be hypnotized
by the dull and dark side
where audacious sometimes hide
and the courage dies

Instead, take a ride on the brighter side
and fight with mundane delight

It’s oft and oft said
A ‘Silent Sea’ never has seen
A skillful mariner, that has been!

(PS: This was written by me after the devastating Tsunami of December 26, 2004. The sheer magnitude of destruction by it left me thinking and thus succumb to the powerful natural forces. But Life is all about living and not surviving, that is the lesson I drew from it.

26 December 2018 - It has been 14 years since the dreadful tragedy. I hope we continue to draw lessons from this and take corrective measures by stopping the wanton destruction of our flora and fauna and protect our nature as we are a part of it and not its rulers. 
If we hadn't corroded our coasts and cut down the mangrove forests, the destruction would not have been so unprecedented. It is said that what befalls human is mostly their doing! Karma!!)

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  1. Absolutely mesmerizing composition this.
    very vivid and poignant. you have brought the pain and destruction of tsunami to the surface. The hope that you have shown among the gloom is delightfully pleasing.
    Absolutely Fantastic.

    A fight: that never was won
    A Life: that never was fun
    A death: that never was done
    But, a race that was always run

    cudn't end my comment without a mention of these lines. Some deep and stimulating thoughts behind the rhymes.

    wonderful read KISLAYA..
    Looking for more..

  2. Thank You so much Deepak.
    This compliment is all the more precious as it comes from you, a wonderful writer yourself.

  3. It s gud to see two wonderful writers chitchatting...narrating events through poetic lines are your genre Kislaya.put ur other thoughts also.looking forward to it.:)

  4. Thank you Vivek.. your comments are always cherished!

  5. amazingly written,the best part that i liked about is that life truly is for living,no matter what the circumstances you have to enjoy it.

  6. Thanx Sid Sasmit.... I am glad that u liked it! your comments are truly valuable! :)

  7. yes,it invokes a deeper insight into the philosophy of day to day living ....the concluding lines,"life is about living and not surviving,"partly true but both go hand in hand...inseperable....both compliment each other..,you cant separate a shadow from its reflector and so is the survive and then you live.
    keep it up.

    1. Thank you for such deep insight! And i guess its all about learning from each other and you are definitely correct in saying that you cant separate object and its shadow. I am happy that you liked it. :)

  8. well expressed. Yes, the seas will be a significant player in th ultimate reciprocity toward the uncaring human race toward the transgressions upon 'Mother' Earth.

    1. Yes you are right, the climate change, pollution and rampant use of resource without second thought is leading us on the path of self destruction.
      Thanx for dropping by and welcome to my blog!

  9. Replies
    1. Yes absolutely, thanx Charleen, hope to see you more :)

  10. And this my notion; surely
    That oft and oft in the silent night
    There is a fright of the unbridled might
    Giving an insight to the plight

    It's frightening when it comes suddenly and fiercely! Great wordcraft Kislaya!


    1. Yes nature is divine but scary is its unbridled force
      Thanx for appreciating!

  11. Such an intense devastating but beautiful piece of poetry. Breaks my heart thinking of the tsunami and nature is truly terrifying

  12. I really like your opening:

    "It’s oft and oft said
    There’s an abominable lull
    Before a Mighty upsurge"


  13. I agree, the opening is wonderful, and I felt a connection immediately to that tsunami. These lines: " It seems that the plush life / In the silhouette of this trauma / Is all in vain..." seem to contrast with your assertion that we should live life to its fullest. Reason: The "plush life" speaks to me of the greedy living of the rich as the poor live in their shadow, lives of misery. I live in the margin between the tsunami and the plush life... so much work to be done.

    Still, the fatalistic viewpoint is understandable, given your feelings about that horrific tragedy. All in all, eloquently told and rich in internal rhyme. In short, beautiful. Glad you stopped by our site! Amy, one of the Toads at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

  14. Beautiful...such poems help us to remember the dead and the survivors' mental trauma. This is what we as poets can offer....lovely. The last part brings hope..and I loved it.
    Very well penned, Kislaya.

  15. Wonderful internal rhyme here. k.

  16. nice...i like the message of hope ...and the power in your voice..fueled by some great internal rhyme....nature will do as it will and we must embrace life and its living...even as we say goodbye to those passing...

  17. Nature is such a powerful force. This poem describes its clash with people and civilization well.

  18. That is quite a powerful verse, effective in its rhyme and refrain. It seems the nature reclaims itself and reminds us that we are not the masters of this realm. The message resounds through the poem, as does the spirit to go on with a better understanding and perhaps better actions too.

  19. A powerful beautiful poem about mother nature and such a devastating time in history.

  20. Live for each day as tomorrow ... who knows? Plan big, dream big and live each day simply as well. Embrace both...

  21. "Sometimes fate plays it all
    and runs it well
    where humans and their resources
    have no place to dwell."

    Such true lines. Sadly, humans are the authors of our own destiny.......though corporations are the biggest causes of planetary destruction. A powerful message in your poem. So nice to read you!

  22. A powerful poem about a tragic disaster. I remember seeing it on the television. I like the way you describe the ‘abominable lull’ before the upsurge and the sounds of the volcanoes, earthquake and flood.

  23. What a wonderful poem!! You express a hope we all share, to save our planet, and all that lives on it.

  24. I too remember the tsunami... I even have friends who was there when it happened. A former colleague survived but her sister and parents were lost...