Saturday, April 6, 2013



It is a clear still afternoon. I sit and look through my window. I see buildings outside glowing bright as the afternoon sun illuminates them. I wonder about sun - the big ball of fire, ultimate source of life and energy for Mother Earth and then I think about so many other suns that exist in the galaxies and possibility of another earth. My visions go beyond the horizons and I imagine myself wandering with the stars and galaxies of the universe. I feel tiny among them. This earth is a speck but still mesmerizing as it is so full of life, which according to our current knowledge does not exist anywhere else.

My thoughts come back to my room and thus I jot down while I try to comprehend and organize my thoughts.

A- This unique alphabet specifies infinite number of general objects, giving identity to one and all. Small things matter much. Never underestimate the tiniest of all or the smallest contribution from any.

DO- Couple of alphabets denotes the power of two. Yes, the joint effort is better than solitary effort. Though a small word but propels and motivates many a soul towards their aim.

SKY- A triplet, easy to spell but its fathomless boundaries are not known. The vast stretch of sky is daring us to do great deeds, to acquire an outlook which is ever expanding like this Universe. And if you are taught by the stars, Sky is the limit.

LIFE- This four lettered word is such a desperate want of human being and the creatures of this earth. Life becomes easy if we take one day at a time, otherwise; life is intriguing and ushers many a mystery to it, supplemented with inexplicable elements that is so puzzling to solve that we entangle ourselves into its delicately woven exquisite network of fate, luck, love, labor, lust, hatred, wants, whims and fancies that the list goes on endlessly pushing us to the brink of utter delusion. Live for now! Live in the moment and contribute in your own simple ways.

DEATH- A combination of five letters is a surety that we challenge in its name ‘DEATH SURE’. Still we dread it, that it will grab us any moment and lead to a totally unknown and different world of fear or who knows it may be more fabulous than the life we envisage?

I write this as I also ponder about the short existence of the lives of some of our earth-mates.

Why do some face untimely, cruel and painful deaths? What does brief existence of some signify while others fritter away their lives in insincere things?

There are strange ways of the universe which are beyond human comprehension.

All in all, a bird in hand (our present life) is worth two in bush (castles in the air, life after death). Live for today; Strive today. Tomorrow never comes and past is all but memories. Tap the invaluable ‘Today’ and everything will fall in place!