Sunday, April 7, 2013


What is that unknown feeling?
That’s creeping deep within us
What should we do?
When Monotony sets in?

The same trite routine
The same milieu
The same menu
Is there no escape from these?

Through civilizations, Have we
Been like this
Tied in the tide of time
That a slight change would cause havoc?

Or was it that early being
While hunting or food gathering
Lived in the lap of nature
Interacting and learning from all its creatures

Today, we have distanced ourselves
From the pristine beauty of mother earth
Striving for the inevitable
Have we harmed nature and its creation?

In calling ourselves the supreme beings
Are we suppressing our basic instincts?
This unnatural suppression
Becomes the cause of our oppression
And thus sets in depression

As there is no time to spare
To enjoy the sheer beauty
To feel the air
To smell the freshness
To live to the fullest

We have been bound and gagged
By our duty
I pity, I pity
Of what we have made ourselves
By letting monotony take over us!


  1. monotony or you may say ..the regular routine life is not a boredom but a bliss..a feeling of smoothness & peacefulness ...telling that all is well. life is flowing without turbulence...ask the people from the war devastated zone and then you may realize that monotony infact is a blessing......

    1. Yes, to some extent you are right.
      But we need regular breaks from our daily routine to feel refrehsed! That is why the concept of holiday etc. But the core issue that you are trying to point is surely taken. :)

  2. Your this poem was quite contradiction to your earlier poems - "Journey" & "River" - it shows a writers varied mind and panoramic thinking! No doubt - human brain some times losses patience but at the same time they learn from nature - like: River (keep flowing), Trees in a jungle (keep standing), a Saga in a Himalaya (keep meditating) - shows and teaches us patience; a path to follow (journey)to reach a destination (feel free) and choose another path to follow:this is a vicious cycle which need to be done by all human being at small or big levels to fulfill the basic purpose of life - No escape! otherwise life ends!