Friday, June 7, 2013

Oh Dear, My Love, My Life!

On 31st of may there was a doodle by Jack on Break up

After having a look at his doodle, I was reminded of the poem I wrote sometime back which was Repulsive love

And then I witnessed Jack's creativity not only in his apt and satirical doodles but also in his poetic words.

Some discussions followed, and I got emotional after reading this.
(Also with his permission I am treating this as a contribution on my blog!)

What he wrote after reading Repulsive love-

Shows what does too much of love do to the one who has to go through the possessive inquires . But do we think what this possessive partner may be thinking ? Few lines on behalf of the possessive lover who may be possessive but yet a lover before !! Here it goes :

too close is cosy ..
too close, well
too much of love..
affection indeed, but bothers as well.
know i not what you mean?
do i what but..i consider you serene
for me you're the goddess
my deity of passionate love..
my kid, whom I dare not see..
something or someone hurt..
now if thats too much love ..
and if that makes you numb..
senseless i feel, being complained,
my love is possessive and dumb.

Oh dear, My Love, My life..
I try staying away as well..
I try leaving you on your own..
but every time I fail..
But dont you worry
Day by Day I am summoning up my guts..
I will take away all your sorrows ..
the guy who drives you nuts.
Too much of love ..yes indeed, or I have none.
I carve my way out of your life..
for some man; rational one !!
For now that I leave, leave once and for all..
I promise not to smother..
but my love for you will remain..
i hope that shouldn't bother..

Jack(ed) R ;)
(My Say)


  1. Oh! Jack (My Say) is multi-talented.
    The poem is touchy and emotional, which is quite unlike the doodles that he make which have a sense of humour and sarcasm. Simply awesome creativity!

    Thanks for sharing this Kislaya :)

  2. The other side of a doodler. Brilliant lines, Jack.... Thank you for sharing this, Kislaya :)

  3. A very poignant and emotional poem.

  4. You have great style in your poem.

  5. :) thanks for posting Kislaya !! I hope people don't faint !!

  6. Beautiful.......i always knew you had a poet hidden inside you!

  7. The other side of the doodler is really sparkling.What a weave of words, like my love is pssessive and dumb

  8. A doodler is prompted by a desire to fulfill. He has the backing of wit to effect his call. Not surprised Jack fitted the bill. He's good! Nicely Kislaya!


  9. Interesting tale...beautifully penned!