Wednesday, April 17, 2013


a poem that tells a lie. I think you could have a poem that’s all lies (that could be very funny — full of things like “the sun is the size of a nickel”) or a poem that steadily builds to telling one big whopper.

As I stroll in the Street
I had an encounter with the red witch
Her eyes were dark blue
She hummed the rhyme ‘eyes are blue’
I asked her name
She replied ‘no-name’
I asked from where she came?
She told a ‘flying plane’

I was flabbergasted
She growled and howled
And displayed her colorful teeth
I was observant and alert
While she was ready to plunge
I ran and I panted
But she was not deterred or daunted
Everything seemed so haunted

Suddenly, in front of me
A UFO landed
Oh God! I was stranded
The gates of UFO collapsed
A coven of witches emerged

I stood still, gaping in horror
They raised a furor
Over who would be lucky enough
To devour me!
And along came a huge ant
Singing merrily a soothing chant
While the witches roared
The ant crawled dragging a maul

Witches were bewildered
In the commotion I was thrilled
Ant spoke to the Witches
In a language alien to me
Soon the witches surrendered
I was befuddled
And they grinned
Displaying their colorful teeth;
Waved me Goodbye
With their twisted arms,
And flew back in their UFO

While the ant continued
Onwards on the street
I was wondering
If, I should thank it
But soon it was out of sight
I was perplexed beyond sanity
Was it a dream, reality or a myth?


  1. Horror revealed in a maze of words. Nice composition.

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    1. :) glad that you liked. keep visiting! :)

    2. Sure, can you tell me that how to get a notification when onwer of that blog reply to the comment. For example, if you reply to this comment how would I be notified.

    3. Yes sure. You can see that below the comment section on the right side there is 'subscribe by email', you click on that and the follow up comments will be sent to your mail :)

    4. Thanks a lot for replying but I am asking about only for
      the replies, not for every
      comment on that post....any

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    1. Good to know that it scared you, purpose served. he he :)

  4. Loved this tale of horror. A unique composition indeed. Magic, UFO, ants entwined in a wonderfully unique tale. The element of curiosity was there with me throughout the poem holding me tight in its thrilling catch hold.

    Fantastic One Kislaya.. Refreshingly Different. And the use of words was almost impeccable. Keep Going Dear...

    1. Oh ,This comment really exalts me! I am so happy that you found it interesting Deepak. And as always your comments are highly cherished and I look forward to it :) You made my day!