Saturday, May 4, 2013


I was in the first year of my college; life was fun and full of laughter. I had made ample friends and we had all possible amusement under the sun. Our college was on the outskirts of the capital city of Ranchi. Bunking classes were as normal as breathing the fresh air of the lush green campus.

It was a usual affair and we five friends decided to go the city to watch the latest movie. Afterwards, we had a plan of sumptuous lunch in the ‘Capitol Hill’, a new five-star hotel.
Lavish joy was writ large on our faces, we felt as if we were the most happening things in town. Youth has its own wondrous ecstasy.

We came out of the movie hall and were bubbly and vivacious. The pompous display of our exhilaration turned everyone’s attention towards us and we pretended not to care and moved around boisterously. Now for gourmet, we headed towards ‘Capitol Hill’.

We took an auto-rickshaw and as we sat, a beggar child came and held my friend’s feet saying “Kuch khaane ko de do didi, 2 din se kuch nahi khaya hai!” (Give me something to eat sister, haven’t eaten for two days). 
She pushed him back with the same apathy that has become so usual with us these days. 
We all joined the auto driver’s rant saying “aage badho, kisi aur se maango!” (Move ahead, go ask someone else!)

From the impact of the push he fell on the ground with a sharp jerk and hit the kerb, blood started gushing profusely. This jolted us from our bland behaviour. We felt hollow from inside. 
While he was crying the driver said, “Inka kya hai madam, aaj hai kal nahin!”(Madam, don’t bother for these people, they are here today and are gone tomorrow)

We wanted to stop and help him get his injuries dressed, and feed him. We all were sorry for our indifference; uneasiness was looming in the air. As the auto headed to the ‘Capitol Hill’, our appetite was left behind on that kerb. We told him to drop us in the college instead, but none among us had the guts to go back and help the little child; I wonder what was stopping us. We had fallen in our own eyes.

I don’t know what happened to the beggar kid that day, but I knew one thing that I was not the same. Why we consider their existence not as important as ours? I felt pity for my pretentious existence rather than his! We could not take a small step towards humanity that day and I doubted if we really were the future of our nation?

I wish we all friends had fed him that day. We spend so much on ourselves but can’t spend a fraction of it on others who are needy. I wish I could relive that moment and bring a smile on that child’s face. I wish that he wouldn’t have bled that day, as he left our souls bleeding.

Later, to atone, we decided to revive the compassion in us and promised to donate our blood at regular interval as a humble gesture towards our existence and of others, around us.

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  1. it is quite heart touching. but are we sure about that kid was not a part of any beggars mafia? I used to keep biscuits packs in my car to give it to them until I found out that they sell those to nearest shop for money. Instead of feeding themselves, they rather choose drugs. its a shame but true.

    1. I know Himanshu that beggar gangs do exist. You are absolutely right in pointing out that. Infact its the society's failure that thay are forced into drugs etc. They are deprieved of their childhood and innocence.
      I hope we take some rapid steps and no child is forced into such kind of hellish existence. But government is slow, and efforts are few and far in between! Even NGOs are coming up but they still do not have that manpower to tackle this issue in India which is so widespread throughout the country.
      I appreciate your effort of giving biscuits, but even they are tortured and nothing is in their control :(

  2. Wow, what a beautiful account...

    Its been a while I had visited your blog, been too busy...but am glad am back.

    Love your writing!

    1. Thank you so much Kajal for the visit and appreciation!

      Welcome to my blog and stay tuned! :)

  3. Yeah. Pity indeed it is, that thousands of nameless children crowd the gigantic web of streets of our cities, some of them left hapless by the cruelty of their destiny, and some by the greedy fangs of the mafias. I don't know if feeding him would have solved the problem of that kid, but the streaks of hunger on his forehead do tell a story of a problem that is too great to be ignored. Children are not only our future, but our responsibility, let us make an oath to ourselves to influence the life of at least one helpless children during our lives. And when I say helpless, I don't mean hungry, for it is not the hunger that is killing them, it is ignorance and lack of education that lies at the center of their misery. It's not the poverty of food, but the poverty of wisdom that turns their misery into a perennial one. I wish every person of our country could take an oath to educate one helpless child during their lives. I wish....

    A soul wrenching account of hapless children of our country. Job well done KISLAYA.

    1. Deepak you have come to the crux of the issue and I appreciate your feedback and solutions.. thank you so much!
      You have rightly pointed out that ignorance, lack of education along with our own apathy is resulting in such scenario.
      Poverty of wisdom definitely turns a misery into perrenial one, and this is valid for everyone whether rich or poor.
      World hunger and poverty would vanish when each of us come forward to help someone who is less fortunate than us. The wretched condition would no longer exist and world would be a much better place... even I wsh what you wish!

  4. I know that feeling when you really want to help & all you need is perhaps a gentle push or may be another person standing up with you.
    I'm glad that you at least are doing something for the society now to amend that mistake...

    1. Yes sometimes a small push is necessary for a big step!
      Thanx for supporting! :)

      Welcome to my blog and keep visiting, thanx again!

  5. What is important is that you regretted your action and have made efforts to atone. It is creditable.

    1. Yes regretting an action and taking steps to rectify it is very necessary.
      To err is human!
      Thanx for understanding.. :)