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 The future is here, the future is now!

The statement might seem an oxymoron but we are living in a smart world - filled with Smart technologies, smartphones, smart wearable like smartwatches and fitness bands, and living in smart homes.

Let's start with an everyday example  - Smartphones - these have become our extended self! How many of us can really live on a day to day basis without our smartphones?

Using a smartphone, tasks like accessing emails, instant video calls, phone calls, WhatsApp messages, using google maps, tweeting, sharing on Facebook or Instagram, reading reviews to make the best possible decision etc. have become so ingrained in our daily lives that we can hardly think to sustain ourselves efficiently without it. If we try to do so, we feel incomplete and at a loss of control! 
The world is on our palm, truly...

Technologies like Television for entertainment have existed for so long that they are a necessity rather than a luxury. Addition to the list is Washing machines, Dishwasher, home theatres, electric smoke chimneys, microwave oven, OTGs, refrigerators, cold-pressed juicers to name a few. And even electronic equipment like our television has evolved into a smart TV.
So why not our lives with the aid of smart technologies?
  • Smart gadgets are revolutionizing the world we live in like never before. 
  • They are our constant companion, a friend who guides us on the path of healthy living and smart thinking! 
  • It frees us of the mundane tasks so we can focus our energy on important things attaining higher efficiency and creativity.
  • Ideas can be shared at lightning speed. 
  • The speed of doing things gives us space for accommodating new ideas and opens up avenues for more creativity and freedom of expression.
1) Thanks to #GetFitWithFlipkart, I own a fitness band from Mi and it is the greatest aid to my healthy lifestyle. There was a time when I realized I was gaining weight owing to continuous studies and post that a sedentary job at a BFSI sector. The weight gain was leading to lethargy and other problems like acidity.
I understood, soon it will result in obesity and be a cause of other illnesses like early onset of type II diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

Once I became the owner of this fitness band, things changed for the better. It also boosted my productivity at work. What I loved about it - 

MI Band 3

1a) Improved tracking algorithm which helped me accurately trace my 10000 steps daily.

1b) Idle alerts reminded me to take washroom breaks or water breaks. This also improved my concentration at work. During this time, I also made a point to employ 20-20-20 rule - every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. I implement this even while I am blogging!

1c) While I am away from my desk, I usually do not carry my phone. Call and notification alerts inform me of any urgent calls/meetings pertaining to work. There is also a sense of relief when my phone is plugged for charging, hence I never miss calls from home.

1d) I have now become more careful and I watch what I eat. On days when I burn more calories, I let myself have cheat days by indulging in desserts to my delight. 

1e) I have become very active compared to what I had become during college time and post that when I started to work.

In a world where obesity is becoming a more pressing problem than malnutrition, building awareness through #GetFitWithFlipkart is a great initiative.

2) I and my husband installed smart light by Philips Hue range which consists of motion sensors for automatically triggering lights when we walk past it.

Courtesy - Google Images (Philips Hue Smart Lights)
2a) We installed this when I invited my Grandmother to stay with me. It was a much-needed addition as she could go to the washroom without having to worry about the on/off switch at night!
Courtesy - Google images (Philips Hue Motion Sensor)

2b) It saves electricity as we didn't need to keep a light on constantly during the night. We installed it in her bedroom as well so that any waking up at night brought her a sense of surrounding lest she falls or trips over in a new place. She is old and one has to be extra careful.

2c) The feature like dimming of light (Dimmer Switch), when my husband prefers to work/read late night without disturbing my sleep is a great boon to our happy marriage😍. Once sleepy himself, he easily controls it using voice command feature to turn off the smart lights.

2d) Sometimes while hurrying to the office we forget to switch off the lights but 'Home Away control' takes this worry away from us.

2e) I loved that it has 16 million shades of light. I am a very lively person and enjoy turning the lights to suit my mood. It is not an overstatement when I say that it calms me and I find a sense of well being and peace!

Based on my experience - 

First, I suggest that the majority of the Indian population even in Tier-2, Tier-3 cities (many being businessman/woman, homemaker, students) can opt for fitness bands.
  • Fit India is future India and we all can actively be a part of the nation building.  
  • An ailing body does not lend wings to our aspirations. Mind and Body sync is important if we want to progress.
  • We as a nation can stop huge sums of money being wasted on treating lifestyle diseases that start with sedentary work habits for the majority of Indian populace.
Second, smart-lights are a really brilliant addition to our homes. Features like motion sensors, home away control, dimmer switches help reduce wastage of electricity. 
  • Like the saying goes - a penny saved is a penny earned, the same can be applied to electricity - electricity saved is electricity produced. 
  • At a time when the focus is on green energy like solar power etc. the saved electricity can light up a rural home - positive causation to smart lights
  • It helps in the progress of the nation by efficient consumption. 
We might not know but our little efforts can help someone.

The above mentioned smart gadgets are well within the budget of people with humble pockets as a plethora of options are available at Flipkart.

With time adoption of other smart gadgets will be a commonplace. Just like 'Mobile phone boom' that has placed a phone in the hands of even a rickshaw puller; soon all can benefit from the advancement in Artificial Intelligence, galvanizing effects of technology, its reduced prices and ease of purchasing after choosing from a variety of options on Flipkart - India's favorite online shopping destination.

Very soon there will be a #SmartHomeRevolution that percolates to every Indian household.

Let's be SMART with FLIPKART!!!

Find Flipkart on Facebook and Twitter - makes it easier to be Smart. 

*In India, up to 40% of Smart Watches and Assistants are sold through Flipkart.

This post is written for Indiblogger contest 'Let's #GetFitWithFlipkart and start a #SmartHomeRevolution.

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  1. I agree smart gadgets have changed our lives. These showcase stellar progress we have made in our understanding of science and create new technology.