Friday, April 5, 2019

(E) EXERCISE (#AtoZChallenge)

Exercise cannot be emphasized enough! Before conceiving, I was very active. I did Yoga, Zumba and Swimming alternatively. But the news of pregnancy put a self-imposed full stop to this. This was more due to drowsiness, nausea and a lack of appetite. Most of the time I felt weak.

I must say this had a negative toll on me.

1st trimester - By the end of this trimester, I started having severe Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I could not use my hands. It was very painful. I distressed. It felt as if someone else had occupied my body (Pun intended!).

2nd trimester - After consulting my Mother (who also happens to be gynecologist) I started simple exercises for CTS. I also started walking and doing Pranayams in the morning. As I have written in my earlier post - my diet improved during this phase. Exercise and proper diet helped me back on track.

3rd trimester - I continued walking and doing Pranayams. Once a week, I also started swimming. It was fun. It is said that Swimming is one of the best exercises for pregnant mothers. Now me and my baby - we feel like being a single entity 🙂

Exercise is very crucial during this phase. Please do not ignore your physical health as it affects the baby in the womb as well. Being active also increases the chances of natural birth. 

Do share your story!

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  1. Mine was a high-risk pregnancy so I was on complete bed rest. I did begin short walks in the 7th month of my pregnancy. However if all is well light exercise is really a good idea.

    1. Moderate exercise is wise during pregnancy. I feel better knowing that your mother is gynecologist and will be monitoring you during these months. :-) Moderate exercise should be a part of most people's daily routine in whatever fashion it can be done safely. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    2. @ObsessiveMom I am sorry to hear that. But all is well that ends well. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    3. Hi Roland, Yes it is great to have your mother as doctor and she is monitoring me during pregnancy which is a great blessing and relief for me.
      Yes exercise is very important for all of us! Thanks :)

  2. Very true. Gynecologists keep emphasizing the importance of staying active during pregnancy. I worked till my 8th month before taking my ML. Great post.

  3. Exercise is definitely important. Apparently if you are active during your pregnancy your baby is healthier. I used to be restless most of the time and it was a good thing since we were shifting from one city to another - so lots of packing and unpacking and other stuff. My neighbors would laugh - teasing me about how they had seen me go from a skinny teen to a fashionable career woman to a pregnant woman running around holding her tummy. Good times! After all that, my delivery turned out to be an emergency Cesarian. All that seems like a dream now! Take care of yourself, Kislaya!

    1. Hi Vidya ji,
      I dread c-section! I hope you recovered from it soon enough when that happened.
      It is nice to know your journey from a teen to a mother. How we transform in life is only understood when we retrospect about our lives.
      Thanks for your best wishes 😊

  4. Thank you for stopping by for a visit. It's nice meeting you. Pregnancy is long behind me but I do recall those days where my body wasn't mine and how my little child was in control of it or so it seemed. With my first baby, I didn't have time to exercise because of work. Once she was born I took early retirement to be a SAHM. By the time baby #2 & #3 entered I was too tired and had my hands full to exercise but I totally agree moderate exercise is very good for you and baby if you're healthy to do the activity.

    Thanks for sharing in my A2Z art sketch in my The Little Mermaid series E is for Eric!

    1. Hello Cathy,
      It is very nice meeting you too! Glad you stopped by.
      SAHM has her hands full and I wonder where did you find an outlet when you needed one after handling 3 kids.
      Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. Totally agree. Moderate exercise is must during pregnancy. It even helps in smoother delivery, doesn't it?

    Find my F post @ 5 Must-Have Fitness Tools for Home Workout