Sunday, January 20, 2019


I have been collecting pistachio shells for quite some time in the hope of making some beautiful artwork to adorn my house.

When I thought of writing about WOW initiative of Blogadda 'Write about some random item you will find in your home or closet', I realized that these shells are gathering dust for more than over a year!

Copyright - (Kislaya)
Long back, I made a small attempt to use the shells to make an artwork and result was this. I have pasted it on my cupboard -

Copyright - (Kislaya)

Copyright - (Kislaya)
I have few ideas that I picked up surfing the internet and I hope I am able to work on it whenever I get time. Some inspiration -

Courtesy - Aruna's Gallery
Courtesy -
Courtesy -
But I think, we need to make time for what we are passionate about. I am sure this Pista art making is taking a backseat due to different priorities that I have right now - work, family, writing.

But I have promised myself that I will not throw away these shells and make use of them for my artwork in the near future.

This is written for WOW initiative at Blogadda

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