Thursday, April 18, 2019

(P) PRAYER (#AtoZChallenge 2019)

On my journey of trials and tribulations, I often derive strength from prayer. I follow the ritual to pray each day. It helps me connect with the supreme being beyond the realm of this world. For me - 

Prayer is a habit
In prayer, I believe
It invokes devotion
and strength
deep within!

Prayer unfolds compassion -
layers and layers 
of love and care
for each living being.

Prayer connects
Universal soul
with inner soul,
I bow with reverence
to the unseen.

Prayers are heard -
Believe in 
the power of words!
Uttered with 
right intent,
Prayers bring 
a time of content.

In times of despair
I fetch from
the reservoir of energy
derived from prayer;
In rough times and smooth
Prayer soothes!

Pray for peace
I Pray for silence within
I Pray for persistence to carry on
I Pray to find my true self!

Do you also pray daily? What is your ritual to derive peace and strength?

(These AtoZ Challenge posts pertain to my thought process, physical and mental changes, stress levels & mechanisms to cope, perspective, journey and experience as a first-time mother who has yet not delivered her baby.)


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  1. Yupp, ditto. Prayer, meditation, Reiki. These are my tools for getting grounded and connecting with the Universal energies. The day starts and ends with it.

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  2. My your prayers give you the peace and strength you are seeking!

  3. Prayer is also a form of deep meditation, which is good for the soul :)

    The Multicolored Diary

  4. I used to pray from the heart until I lost my mother. My faith took a beating and I stopped waiting for God to do miracles. But after Tuneer was born, I went back to praying though the foundation of belief is still shaky

  5. Kislaya,

    Yes, prayers daily keep me anchored to the One who loves me best. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful prayer.

    A2Z Little Mermaid art sketch 'Pearl'

  6. I, too, pray daily and often during the course of each day. Prayer is the "Electric Cord" so to speak that keeps me in contact with the Source which sparked all life.

  7. Lovely post. I like to think of prayers as Ladders to Source.

    The ways of prayerfulness are numerous, and I practice many. One of the things I do is keep a prayer bowl I made on one of my altars. I often write names or requests on slips of paper and place them in the bowl. The smoke from the incense I burn and my breath help carry my words upward. I think of prayer as a way of expanding. An active way to stretch our hearts to the point of total openness. And in that state there is the ability to accept great gifts offered us and to flow our love outward to others.

  8. I like the prayer for peace and for peace within. Good observation: "Prayer unfolds compassion" Words are powerful.

  9. I have lost my faith in prayer... but I strongly wish for peace which we should be able to make by ourselves

  10. It is good to have that resource to pray in the hope that it may help in some small way.

  11. I really like the openness of this poem and the way you discuss the importance of prayer in your life. Prayer is powerful, and there are certainly many things that one must pray for in today's world! You expressed it so well.

  12. I LOVE "I bow with reverence to the unseen." SO beautiful. Your faith must be your strength and comfort in these trying times.

  13. Your poem is a prayer in itself. I love what you pray for. I no longer always pray in a traditional sense, but hope my whole life is a prayer because I do want peace and a connection to the marvelous and unseen.

  14. I like the way you describe prayer. For me, prayers ritualize remembrance, removing all the "me" thoughts and giving a space to invoke peace.