Saturday, April 20, 2019

(Q) QUICKENING (#AtoZChallenge 2019)

Fetal movements or baby's movements are known as quickening or flutters that most mothers feel around 13-16 weeks. 

I had watched a few YouTube videos and I must tell you I was pretty scared. I thought it will make me uncomfortable and I might get hurt 🤦‍♀️

I had the first experience around 20 weeks. On the contrary, I got pretty excited. I felt ticklish. It was a unique experience. My baby had made the first contact from her inner world on New Year's Eve. I was pleasantly surprised at the thought that she was as happy as I was, to usher the newness in her life.

Though, it took me a few days to understand that I could feel my baby's movement. Once I was sure, I told my H and his happiness knew no bounds. He was literally amazed after feeling the baby's movements. His eyes sparkled! I still can not forget his childlike expression.

These movements became a sign of healthy growing baby - on every visit to the doctor, one question that never changed was - 'How is the baby's movement?'

The kicks have become stronger with time. Sometimes there are continuous kicks 😂 
The womb is her playground until this real world becomes one very soon.

Do you recall your first experience of quickening? How did you or your spouse feel? 

(These AtoZ Challenge posts pertain to my thought process, physical and mental changes, stress levels & mechanisms to cope, perspective, journey and experience as a first-time mother who has yet not delivered her baby.)



  1. I had seen a video of the baby movements when I had gone for check-ups. But when my baby started movements, it was an amazing experience.My baby's movements were the most in the afternoons.Enjoy Kislaya.

  2. That experience was simply out of this world.the first time that Tuneer moved, I was at a restaurant. When I told my husband about it, he started smiling and said that the kid was already showing prospects of following his mother's footsteps in terms of his love for food

  3. Oh Wow! New Year's Eve! That's incredible!
    Well, as Viru Sahastrabuddhi would say, your baby might grow up to be a footballer! Hahahaha! :P :P :P
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  4. Kislaya,

    Oh, I recall vividly feeling my first born stir inside! We were visiting my in-laws. I was napping on the sofa when I felt a fluttering sensation inside. The movement so slight that only I could detect but over time the quicken, which I didn't know that's what it's called, grew more intense and noticeable. It never failed to amaze me or delight my husband. That was a very special time. Thank you for making me remember such precious memories from almost 31 years ago. I can't believe our oldest will celebrate her 31st bday in June. Time really goes by quick! ;)

    Thank you for visiting Atlantica's QUEEN, Athena, & the Little Mermaid's mother in Friday's post, A2Z Little Mermaid art sketch 'Queen'. Happy a2zing, my friend!

  5. I hope I can feel her/his kicks when I visit you soon.